Hehe :). I’m not going to write a post about all the things I’m thankful for because they’re the same as every other person… family, friends, health, my fiance, etc. Buuuut, I am very thankful that my sister and I found the ONLY fro-yo place near our house last night!

Last night, my sister, our friend Jen, and I went to see Breaking Dawn (finally!). The movie theater is in a mall and the three of us worked at AMC for years during breaks from college. We got to the theater a little bit early so Michelle and I wanted to explore the food court for dinner. As we walked, Michelle spotted something new… something bright… and something that looked oddly like… fro-yo! We got SO excited (cause we’re dorks). So we grabbed dinner, drooled over the 24 flavors :), and agreed to go back after the movie if it was still open.

I thought Breaking Dawn was pretty good.. a little slow in the beginning but it perfectly sets up Part 2 and I can’t wait!

Then came…. Frozen Peaks!

The decor was amazing. Lots of bright orange, green, and pink. They were playing current music and you could even pay to play your favorite song if you wanted. Again 24 flavors! I had no clue what to get but ended up getting some pumpkin, mint cookie crumble [absolute favorite], and peanut butter chocolate. Yum!

The toppings were incredible.

Lots of fruit on the right and then a TON of chocolate goodies on the left.

They also had every sauce under the sun (peanut butter, marshmallow, caramel, fudge, white chocolate, etc). And, of course, Captain Crunch (my fiance’s fave).

Remember how I said 16 Handles was my favorite place? Well.. it’s been replaced!


Now, onto the workouts of this week.

Monday and Tuesday were treadmill days. I took Wednesday off because my gym was closed for repairs, and I went on a run this morning.



Today’s run was great. I ran 5.9 miles and didn’t pace at all. I went out without a time or distance goal so it was just laid back and fun.

My family is going out to dinner for Thanksgiving. We usually have the whole family over for a big traditional dinner but my parents don’t want the work. Not a fan of breaking tradition, but I can understand why they chose to do a restaurant instead. Then, HOPEFULLY heading to my fiance’s house for dessert. His family has 20 people over :). Can’t wait!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you have a great holiday with your family and loved ones.