Hi everyone, can you believe it’s 2012?! I can’t believe it came so fast.

My weekend was pretty awesome. After a slow week at work, Friday was the best. All of the traders left REALLY early, so I decided to hit the gym around 1 since I slept in and skipped that morning :-P. The gym was packed with coworkers (I will never get used to sweating in front of them haha), but I was able to nab MY treadmill. I felt kind of horrible since it’s THAT time of the month, but I knew Rodrigo was working late so I had some time to kill! 6.55 in 59 minutes. Not horrible. Not great. Meh.

Showered and then kept my future hubby company until he was ready to leave.

It was GREAT having another relaxing weekend with him :). We were lazy bums Fri night AND yesterday. But we finally dragged our butts out of bed to celebrate a really exciting new year (we’re getting hitched in 2012!!!).

We headed to a restaurant in Newark with a few of his friends (and their friends) for yummy food and open bar. Perfect way to ring in the new year. It was insane watching Times Square and thinking that we were there just last year!


[Please ignore my raccoon eyes.. keep in mind this was taken after standing/freezing for TEN hours!]

It was much better staying warm indoors :).

We came home around 3 and passed out. Very fun night though.

Aaand I got to try out my Garmin this morning!!!!

The weather was perfect so I laced up and hit the road. The first mile felt good and the 2nd mile was better. I was impressed with my split (I love that the watch beeps and shows your split every mile!), so I decided to push a little harder on the last mile to beat my 5k PR of 25:41. Done and done! It felt awesome. I think I can get addicted used to this Garmin thing!

I hope you all had a fabulous time ringing in the new year. I am VERY pumped for 2012 because 8 months from today, I get to marry this hottie:

Can’t wait!

Which reminds me, one of my friends got engaged yesterday! What a great way to ring in a new year! So happy for Kelsey and Ryan :).



Hi everyone!

I have a new “PR” to tell you about!

On Christmas Eve, I woke up to go to the gym to pound out 5 miles. Buut, I felt great after 5 so I kept going to complete a virtual 10k. I’ve never done a 10k before, so I guess you could consider my time a PR :). Finished the run in 53:58 — not horrible! I seriously miss running outside.. the treadmill isn’t cutting it (even WITH the cardio theater in my gym).

Christmas came and went — it was a great weekend. I loved spending the holiday with my family and especially my twin and fiance :). School has been insane so this was the first weekend I had solid quality time with them.

For Xmas, I got a lot of stuff on my registry including knives, bakeware, China, etc. All fun!

Aaaand I got a ton of running stuff! Including my new friend….

A Garmin 210!

I’ve wanted a GPS watch forever, but held off on buying one because of the price. SO EXCITED!!!

Unfortunately, it’s too cold/pitch black during all possible running hours for me, so I’ll have to wait until Sunday to try it out. Love love love!

Now, off to clean my room and find something to wear for NYE.

Hope you had a great holiday!!