Hi everyone!

I have a new “PR” to tell you about!

On Christmas Eve, I woke up to go to the gym to pound out 5 miles. Buut, I felt great after 5 so I kept going to complete a virtual 10k. I’ve never done a 10k before, so I guess you could consider my time a PR :). Finished the run in 53:58 — not horrible! I seriously miss running outside.. the treadmill isn’t cutting it (even WITH the cardio theater in my gym).

Christmas came and went — it was a great weekend. I loved spending the holiday with my family and especially my twin and fiance :). School has been insane so this was the first weekend I had solid quality time with them.

For Xmas, I got a lot of stuff on my registry including knives, bakeware, China, etc. All fun!

Aaaand I got a ton of running stuff! Including my new friend….

A Garmin 210!

I’ve wanted a GPS watch forever, but held off on buying one because of the price. SO EXCITED!!!

Unfortunately, it’s too cold/pitch black during all possible running hours for me, so I’ll have to wait until Sunday to try it out. Love love love!

Now, off to clean my room and find something to wear for NYE.

Hope you had a great holiday!!