Hola, Danielle here! So I’m just a tad behind (I still owe you MY recount of the 4 mile beach run and the 10 miler), but I thought I would do a quick post about this pathetic week of workouts in hopes that this will NEVER happen again!

After the 10 miler on Sunday, I was just exhausted. My right knee and left ankle were hurting and for the first time since I started running (over a year ago), my leg muscles were shot. I think my lack of sleep finally caught up to me and I needed a BREAK! So I took Monday off from working out… and Tuesday… and Wednesday… oh yea, and Thursday… That’s 4 days with not a single second of running, ellipticalling, or weights. Who am I?! I loved the extra sleep I got from not heading to the gym at the crack of dawn, but I felt like CRAP and knew I had to get my butt in the gym on Friday.

My legs were still in lazy mode, so I stuck to the elliptical. 45 mins on the lovely machine followed by 10 mins of abs — whew! Felt amazing! I woke up this morning with a sore throat and NO desire to run, but I knew it had to be done. So I bundled up (30 degrees out there!) and pounded out 5.5.

Total time: 50:40

Mile 1: 9:03

Mile 2: 9:49 (two long hills)

Mile 3: 8:35

Mile 4: 9:13

Mile 5: 9:41

Last .5: 4:19

Not my best run, but overall, it felt really good to run even though it was freezing. The knee and ankle held up until mile 5 when they started rebelling, but I expected that. They’re currently being punished with ice packs :). But the one thing I always love on my runs (and probably what hooked me in the first place) is the gorgeous view of NYC when I run the piers. Simply amazing.

I know I need to step up the training this coming week before my taper because it’s only TWO WEEKS UNTIL TOUGH MUDDER. Ahhhhh!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Look for another post from me today or tomorrow with race recaps!


This post wouldn’t be complete without a *little bit* of cheese… today is my 8 month with my bf. I’ve never been happier ūüėõ



Hello and happy Wednesday!¬† I don’t know about you, but I thought we were done¬†with this winter weather!¬† In fact, last Friday was one of the best commutes of my life and with each drive in sunshine, my love for driving is renewed.¬†

So onto this past weekend and the Freehold St Paddy’s 10 Mile Run.

Friday was a simple night spent with my roomie¬†and oldest friends, Stef.¬† We ended up going for a long walk by the water because it was uber nice outside.¬†¬†I also¬†happily gave in to my craving for a¬†Shamrock Shake, they¬†should really keep these year round.¬† We didn’t return until 10:30 and¬†then¬†I went to bed to prep for the busy Saturday ahead.¬†

I woke up nice and early¬†Saturday and the day¬†was spent with my step-mom Ann, her God-Daughter Nicole and Danielle brunching¬†at Saks and shopping the day away at Bloomingdale’s, Saks and Urban Outfitters.¬† I didn’t take any pictures of the shopping, but¬†I did get¬†one of my AMAZING salad, for $20 it better be!

I practically licked the plate, yummm!¬† After dinner that night we hopped back on the Path and headed to our apartment to pick up Stef¬†so we could head to my parents house which is closer to the race on Sunday.¬† Stef¬†and I took some time to look at old scrap books and photos from our high school days and we didn’t get to bed until midnight.¬† Next morning Danielle, Stef and I were off to Freehold for the St Paddy’s Day 10 Mile Race.

I was quite apprehensive to run such a long distance because my last run before was March 7th¬†for a total of 3.5 miles, I have been battling¬†a cold ever since.¬† In the days leading up to the race, I had lost partial hearing and¬†was attached to a pack of tissues, running probably wasn’t the best idea.¬† Despite my sister’s urges to withdraw from the race, I was determined to finish even if I had to walk the whole thing.

I brought a travel pack of tissues to put in my pocket and I was ready to go… that was until they fell out during my warm up jog without me noticing (FAIL)!¬† I ended up grabbing some toilet paper and calling it a day.¬† Even though it was quite cold out, the sun was shinning and I was happy to be outside, before I knew it the race had started and I was on my way.¬† I said good luck to Stef and Danielle as they pulled away from me, both of them did really well.

I got about 5 miles until I absolutely had to stop and blow my nose, as soon as I stopped moving, my muscles tightened and any chance of running the entire last 5 miles was no longer possible.  I alternated between running and walking for the second half and ended with a time of 2:06 which I was more than happy with considering how horrible I felt.

Finishing Photo’s:

Stef being a baller and finishing her first ever race in 1:29!  So proud!

The twin also did amazing finishing just over 1:30

And me… putting on a brave face and wishing I was in bed with a large mug of tea with honey!

Running wasn’t the best idea and¬†I felt much worse after¬†but I am so¬†happy¬†I did it because the race¬†was a small and fun.¬†¬†¬† I’m off to eat dinner and work on recovering from this cold so I can celebrate Stef’s big 25th birthday this weekend.


One of my best friends and I have been talking about doing a half marathon together for MONTHS and we finally registered today! On December 4, we will be running in VEGAS!



She lives in Tampa and I’m coming from NJ so it’s going to be a really fun long weekend. I can’t wait!



Em and I being silly ūüėõ


So that adds to the list:

3/20 St Patty’s 10 mile in Freehold

4/10 Tough Mudder PA

5/29 Boston 5-mile Run to Remember

9/24 Hamptons Half Marathon

12/4 Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon (btw, it’s on the strip AT NIGHT!!!)


Oh, and in a temporary moment of insanity, I entered the lottery for the NYC MARATHON. Um, pretty sure the knee wouldn’t appreciate 26 miles, but I probably won’t get it this year anyway..



Workout: 10 mile dread-mill run.


That’s right, I tackled the double digits on a TREADMILL tonight. I’m pretty sure the most I’ve ever done before today was 6 miles, so I was pretty stoked. I think running outside (with hills.. and rain.. etc) is WAY easier than running for over an hour on the treadmill so I owe tonight’s success to:

1) The upcoming St Patty’s 10 miler (March 20) and TOUGH MUDDER (April 10)!!


2) NYSC’s awesome music channel that plays super old music videos — love!!!

Today’s faves were Ashlee Simpson, J-Lo, and Jesse McCartney ūüôā

Ummm guilty pleasure alert! Please tell me one of you remembers Dream Street (other than Michelle and I).


3) The Biggest Loser. So inspirational. Every time I watch the show, I get chills because I know how hard it is to totally transform your life and become healthy. I’ll eventually get around to my before and after post (I promise!), but I drastically changed my lifestyle when I moved out of my parents’ house 2 years ago and I ended up losing 30 pounds in the process :). Watching the show reminds me that I’ve chosen the correct path.

Totes wish I had Bob and Jillian to push me during my 6am workouts!



For some reason, I felt like I could run forever and I would be CRAZY to mess with that. Ran 8:30’s for the first 6, 9’s for the other 4 with some hills mixed in. Aaaand the knee managed to hold up until the last .5 miles! Total runner’s high!


Off to ice the knee to avoid being sore tomorrow. I took tomorrow and Thursday off of work to study for my midterm (Thurs at 6) so I’m sure I’ll have at LEAST one procrastination post this week :-p. Happy Tuesday!



Today was jam-packed between running around to get car estimates for my mirror repare and work.  I woke up around 7:20 after pressing snooze on my alarm at least five times, I really have to get this behavior under control.  I ran to the fist repair shop so I would be able to log on at a normal hour.  I worked away for the first part of the day and then ran over to Honda during lunch.  It looks repairs will set me back $250, $100 cheaper than the first estimate, but expensive nonetheless (I could get both of my wish list items with this amount of dough).

I still consider today pretty fabulous because I was able to chill with this gal at my feet all day long.

Clearly, I am not petting her enough.

I also went on a quick two mile¬†run around the hood and I could tell I have improved because the loop was much easier than when I had started my half training runs last summer.¬† The run reminded me how much I love running in Hoboken.¬† My parents live in the middle of nowhere, I pass by two horse pens and a practice racing track during this run.¬† If I want to go on a longer run on the main highway I pass at least four more horse farms… hence the name Colts Neck (actually the town is in the shape of a colt’s neck and the name has nothing to do with population of horses), they also live in a wind tunnel which was fierce tonight!¬†

Running at home is sometimes quite scary.¬† Ya see, living in the country also means that we have to deal with wild turkey.¬† Not just one or two, but like 15 at a time.¬† Tonight was no exception.¬† When I was going to Fairfield, they were known to chase people, in fact one morning I woke up to the gobbling commotion as they were chasing one of the grounds keepers who was innocently trying to empty the trash can.¬† For this reason, I fear them!!¬†¬† They aren’t even afraid of cars people!¬† So whenever I run by them, my speed increases and I stay as close to the opposite curb as possible.

Here is an example of what you can expect in my hood (they are in my backyard!!)

This is in our front yard, they were stealing the squirrel food (Yes… my dad has a squirrel feeder).

Ok, enough about the creepy Turkey (I have plenty more pictures I could share…) the point is, 1. They scare me and 2. They help me fun faster… even when fighting with the wind.

Yesterday I said I would post more about Bailey’s birthday.¬† Instead of a fancy birthday cake…

Bailey got a Double Quarter Pounder, not as yummy as butter cream, but she was happy!

After.. ok maybe before… she housed the burger, I gave her a stuffed pig that she thoroughly¬†enjoyed.¬† She also got a card and stuffed monkey from the rehab center she goes to.¬† She has bad hips, so she goes to work out there three days a week.¬† They treat her like a princess, in fact, the picture I posted yesterday is a picture the rehab technician¬†sent to my Step Mom.¬† Bailey also appears on their website, shes famous!

Bailey brings a lot of joy into our lives, so it was fun being able to give some extra love ūüôā

By the way… these photos are from my parents computer… in a folder titled Princess Bailey.

I hope you enjoyed the post from Danielle…. I am happy she was finally able to pry herself away from everything to introduce herself.

Today was a very eventful day and it all started at 8:30 this morning, holla to getting 8 hours of sleep.  Today was the 4 mile Long Branch Beach Run so we headed to Pier Village to meet up with our Grandma and Aunt for some yummy breakfast at Turning Point, I am seriously obsessed with this place.  But first a stop at Dunkin for some much needed caffeine and H2O!

Refreshing!¬† After finishing up our breakfast we headed over to the Shoe Factory (new store in pier village) to pick up our race bibs and Tech Tees.¬† I love ‘free’ shirts…. especially when they’re cute.

The store had the Nike Sportband¬†I’ve been looking at, I really want the Garmin, but I can’t justify spending $117 on it ūüė¶¬†.¬† My feelings are mixed on the Sportband so I didn’t end up buying it just yet.¬† We left the store and parted ways with Grandma and Aunt Jeanne…. and took some pictures.

The lovebirds.

I was freezing… so Rodrigo happily lent me his sweatshirt. Even with my fleece and the added warmth¬†of the hoodie, I was still freezing!¬† We sought¬†out shelter at a little coffee shop for the hour and half before the race.¬† At around 1:45 Danielle and I headed over to the starting point…. and noticed it was actually on the beach!! Say wahhhhhh.¬† I guess they actually meant running on the sand when they called it a 4 mile Beach¬†run, I just assumed it would be on the board walk.¬† You know what happens¬†when you ass-u-me!¬† I freaked out for a little and then we were on our way.¬† It was so challenging, but didn’t seem to faze the 1st place finisher with a time of 28 minutes!¬† I think I finished around 56 minutes, which was snail pace, but I was just happy to cross with only a few short short walk breaks and no injuries.

Yay for pink and yay for finishing.

I hope everyone else enjoyed this beautiful day as much as I did!¬† Time to relax… I swear this was almost harder than my half marathon.¬† Danielle agreed.

Hi Readers!!  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a long weekend, having Monday off is one of my favorite things.  A great way to start the work week, especially if the Friday before the weekend was stressful.  Last night  tried something new from Trader Joe’s Freezer section.  Shitake Mushroom & Tofu!  It was pretty good, very spicy. 


On to a topic that I haven’t discussed in length, my running history.  Growing up, I was incredibly active, I played on two soccer teams and at least three basketball teams all four years of high school.  However, I was never much of a runner. Put a ball in front of me, sure I’ll chase it… ask me to run a mile straight… no way!!  I never actually considered running until my sister started post college graduation.  She really wanted to run a half marathon and tried for weeks to persuade me to run with her, I consistently answered NO WAY (13.1 miles, crazy talk)!  It wasn’t until she proposed we run for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network that I finally caved in.  I signed up for 13.1 miles the next day, barely able to run 1 without stopping.


Training was rough!  I was annoyed and frustrated that I couldn’t run long distances without stopping, although I now know that taking a walk break is perfectly ok.   On top of that, the mental hurdle of my first race ever being a half marathon added extra pressure.  I followed the plan loosely and seldomly ran the long distance scheduled for each week.  With one and a half months to go, I knew I needed to step it up.  I made sure to run my long runs on Saturdays or after logging off on my work from home days.  I felt great, my body felt great… until my knees started bothering me about two weeks before the big day!


Half Marathon week rolled around and so did my big move to Hoboken.  Two days before the race, I was helping my sister trek her stuff to our new apartment, painting my room and getting very little sleep.  Poor life decision.  The race itself was beautiful, I loved the course through the Hamptons and how small the race group was.  I made it through 1 mile before I had to use the bathroom… figures since I have the bladder of a three year old.  It took until mile six for my knees to start bothering me and it took 3 hours for me to cross the line.  I was pretty disappointed in the time, but also very happy that I was able to sprint across the line… my only goal. 


In the course of three days I….

1. Helped move my sister into our apt.

2. Packed up my room at my parents house

3. Painted my room

4. Got my bed delivered

5. Drove to the Hamptons in traffic (VERY CHALLENGING)

6. Ran a Half Marathon

7. Put together an Ikea Dresser, by myself

8. Decided to take an indefinite break from the gym (Body in shock… most likely)

Probably not the best way to prep for a challenging race.¬† I didn‚Äôt return to exercise until January, apparently my body needed a ton of time to recover!¬† I am happy to be back, attempting to build my endurance slowly to insure I am able to run in entirety my next half marathon.¬† I have a while since all the races in my area conflict with pre-existing plans‚Ķ but in the meantime I have my tough mudder to think about.¬† Probably the biggest challenge I will ever face.¬† Physically, I should be ready… it is my mentality that will be the biggest challenge.¬† Hopefully I will able to push past my fears and past my comfort level.


Other races I have planned:

Long Branch 4 Mile Beach Run: February 27th

Freehold St Paddy’s 10 Mile Run: March 20th

Tough Mudder: April 10th

Boston 5 Mile Run to Remember: May 29th

Providence Rock N Roll Half (tentative): August 7th

Hampton’s Half Marathon: September 24th

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