Workouts Since Last Post:

Wednesday: BodyPump

Thursday: Zumba

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest (finally feeling normal again!)

Monday: 3 miles

Today: Very hard 1.5 miles (my calves are really tight) _________________________________________________________

Hello, my name is Michelle and I tend to make excuses like ‘I have to watch the Bachelor’ when I think about writing a blog post. I don’t know what it is but for some reason all of my nights seem to slip away from me and before I know it, it is time for bed. I will adjust to blogging and figure out how to best fit it in my schedule, until then I will just have to post when the time feels right. I spent a good part of last week getting acquainted with muscles I didn’t know existed.

This happened as a result of a few things.

1. My epic fall

2. My first ever BodyPump Class

3. My first ever Zumba Class

My fall last Tuesday left every muscle aching from my neck to my ankle, not exactly the best way to start off the week, especially since I had high hopes of attending some classes at Sky Fitness with the free 7 day pass my roommate gave me. On Wednesday I decided to push through the pain and attend the BodyPump class, despite the fact that it was a horrible decision and could have enhanced injuries. I have heard so many great things about the class from the blogging world so skipping it was not an option. Verdict? I absolutely LOVED it—It hurt so good! I haven’t worked out my upper body since my high school basketball days so I certainty struggled through some of the repetitions but had a blast doing it. This is a class I would definitely love to try again, I don’t know if I can say the same for Zumba. While it was really fun, I felt awkward and so out of place!!! Latin dancing just isn’t my thing.

I spent the rest of the weekend nursing my achy muscles and enjoying family time. It was my cousin’s birthday, she turns 11! Though you would guess she was older since she is my height. Best part about birthdays? Being able to eat two pieces of ice cream cake without feeling guilty 🙂

Shaq of the 5th grade– shes my height (eeep)

He was excited to be wearing skinny jeans!


Happy Birthday Sam!!