Hey there, D here!

Soooo.. life is too boring right now to blog about. My life is basically wake up at 4:30, commute to work, run, work 12 hours (!), eat, sleep. No time for much else. But, Rodrigo and I picked our wedding invitations last weekend!

The process was pretty overwhelming. They just hand you TONS of huge books to flip through until you find something you like. I really liked purple pocket invitations but they had to be put together by hand (veto from my step mom), so we ended up going with something more simple. Still like them… hope they turn out ok!

Really glad we’re making progress with wedding stuff. Michelle and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow! Woohoo!

And, that’s about it. Today, I applied to 2 junior trader positions — yikes! Class starts on Tuesday, so don’t count on my life getting any more exciting :(.

Workouts for the past week:

Sunday – 6 miles in Hoboken

Monday – 3.4 treadmill

Tuesday – 3.4 treadmill

Wednesday – 3.4 treadmill

Thursday – 1.2 treadmill

Friday – 3.5 treadmill

Even though they’re all the same general distance, every run is different. Monday was a typical pyramid but every other day, I played around with speed. Fun fun!

Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend. Muah!


Workout: 10 mile dread-mill run.


That’s right, I tackled the double digits on a TREADMILL tonight. I’m pretty sure the most I’ve ever done before today was 6 miles, so I was pretty stoked. I think running outside (with hills.. and rain.. etc) is WAY easier than running for over an hour on the treadmill so I owe tonight’s success to:

1) The upcoming St Patty’s 10 miler (March 20) and TOUGH MUDDER (April 10)!!


2) NYSC’s awesome music channel that plays super old music videos — love!!!

Today’s faves were Ashlee Simpson, J-Lo, and Jesse McCartney 🙂

Ummm guilty pleasure alert! Please tell me one of you remembers Dream Street (other than Michelle and I).


3) The Biggest Loser. So inspirational. Every time I watch the show, I get chills because I know how hard it is to totally transform your life and become healthy. I’ll eventually get around to my before and after post (I promise!), but I drastically changed my lifestyle when I moved out of my parents’ house 2 years ago and I ended up losing 30 pounds in the process :). Watching the show reminds me that I’ve chosen the correct path.

Totes wish I had Bob and Jillian to push me during my 6am workouts!



For some reason, I felt like I could run forever and I would be CRAZY to mess with that. Ran 8:30’s for the first 6, 9’s for the other 4 with some hills mixed in. Aaaand the knee managed to hold up until the last .5 miles! Total runner’s high!


Off to ice the knee to avoid being sore tomorrow. I took tomorrow and Thursday off of work to study for my midterm (Thurs at 6) so I’m sure I’ll have at LEAST one procrastination post this week :-p. Happy Tuesday!