Thanks for stopping by Sweets, Beats and Running Feet!  This blog is maintained by my sister (Danielle) and I (Michelle)—yes my parents gave us matching names, how cruel!  We are 26 year old twins living in New Jersey.


After many months of reading health and fitness blogs I have decided to give it a shot myself, providing I am able to pry myself away from my Google Reader, yes I am addicted!  I am dragging my sister along with me because she is the one who sparked my initial interest in health living blogs when I asked her to suggest a few after she made a major life transformation, lost 20ish pounds and became a baller runner!  It all started with two blogs:  Healthy Tipping Point and Oh She Glows.

 Danielle is also the one who convinced me to run my first Half Marathon, it took a lot of persuading, but I have officially been bitten by the race bug and we have a big year ahead of us!  Here you can expect to find our musings on training, music and baking*.  We hope you stop by again.

 **Please note… when first creating this blog I had aspirations of being more of a domestic goddess in the kitchen.  So far this has not happened, but I do love to bake and hope I can focus on it more fairly soon.


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