It’s really amazing how a few days can change your life forever.

On Thursday afternoon, I found out that…



I had interviewed for 2 very awesome jobs at my company and I was lucky enough to get one of the spots. I could not be happier. It was the perfect start to my 3 day weekend :).

My DC weekend with my sister and friend, Stef, was so much fun! Even though there was a lot of driving, sleeping, and sore muscles, I had an absolute blast!

The Rock n Roll USA 1/2 Marathon way exceeded my expectations. After the mess that was Vegas, I was feeling a little skeptical about RnR events. But I had already signed up for the DC half on 11-11-11 during their discount. This race was SO much better! The corral line up and release was perfect. I only felt “crowded” during the first mile or so, but it really cleared up after that. The course was WAY hillier than I expected (I never trained on hills!), but I got a VERY unexpected PR or 1:52:11!!!! I was so happy that I shaved over 5 minutes from my Vegas time on a really hard course.

I will do a more official recap of the race and weekend, but I’m le tired so off to bed!