Hi everyone! Do you even remember this blog?

I know it has been a loooong time, but I wanted to swing by the blog to mention our upcoming half marathon!

On Saturday, Michelle, our friend Stef [her first half!], and I will be running the Rock n Roll USA Half in DC.

This is my first race since Vegas [remember that sub 2hr half? :)] and I’m ridiculously excited! Although I have no REAL time goals this time around, I really hope I can beat 2 hrs again. My boss even said he would take me out to a nice lunch if I run another sub-2 :).  If not, no big deal. I just want to have a fun 3 day weekend with my girls. I can hardly remember the last time I was in DC for fun, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the city again. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is going to be awesome

Still can’t get used to 70+ degree weather, but I’m not complaining!

Other exciting things going on:

– My fiance and I put an offer down on a condo! The offer was accepted and the place passed inspection. We’re just waiting for the mortgage paperwork to get filed and then it’s ours! If we’re lucky, I can move in within the next few weeks. He’ll be waiting until after the wedding to join me.

– Still waiting for news on the 2 jobs I interviewed for a week or two ago. The people in charge have been meeting to discuss the candidates so I hope to know soon. The waiting is horrible, especially when I work closely with the people making the decision.

– RCIA is coming to an end. On the Saturday before Easter, I will be fully initiated into the Catholic faith! Can’t wait.

– I’ve decided that I love taxes and I love school. Thank you US government for giving me (AND my fiance) some extra moolah for going to school. We needed it. You rock.

– I have a Pinterest account. Follow me 🙂

Will try to update after the race. Have a great weekend!