Hey everyone. So school started back up on Tuesday at Columbia and I’m also taking a class at work on Thursdays. Between homework for both classes, work, and running, I am non-existent! Oh well..

Today’s run felt a lot like last weekend’s long run. Both runs were supposed to be 7 miles long. Both had to be run on a treadmill (last weekend because it was fuh-reezing and this weekend because there was ice on the ground). Both were run in my gym’s cardio theater where they were playing Usher’s OMG Tour lol. And the times for both were the same — 61:37 last week and 61:30 today. At least I’m consistent!

And now… time for some FOOTBALL!!!! …and homework 😦 … Totally cheering on the Giants even though I’m a Jets fan. It’s always fun to see a local team in the Super Bowl!

Have a great Sunday everyone!