Did you see that Michelle finally posted?? I gave her a *little* bit of a hard time for the lack of posts so I’m glad that she’s back!!

My weekend ended up being insanely busy, but also a lot of fun.

SATURDAY: On Saturday, I woke up bright and early to start another full day of wedding dress shopping. My parents and I started off the day at a diner preparing for the long day ahead. I had an excellent egg white, spinach, broccoli, and swiss omelet :). Dress appt #1 was at 10am at a place called Castle Couture. The people there were SO nice! I tried on a bunch of dresses and ended up liking 1, but it wasn’t what I envisioned wearing so I wasn’t sure. The 2nd place was at 12:30 in a place called Cymbeline. It just opened a month ago and they make sure to only have 1 bride in the store at a time. The appointment was so much fun! The woman who helped me was amazing and I ended up really liking 2 dresses there! The best part is that they’re open to modifications of dresses so I can get exactly what I want — huge bonus! And finally, the 3rd place was Exquisite Bridal. The place was beautiful and it looked promising, but my salesperson was awful. She disappeared for 10 minutes during my appointment and pretty much gave up after I didn’t like the first few she pulled. Then, she tried to push me into a dress I wasn’t a fan of — rude! When I was about to leave, she said she had one more dress and of course it was gorgeous and I loved it. It puts me in a bad spot because I hated the place, but loved the dress. I’m going back on Sunday with my sister, so if I want the 3rd dress, I’ll find it somewhere else (hopefully with better people!).

Sooo, that means I’m down to 3 dresses!! I liked all 3 better than the 4 I liked last week, so I may have MY dress this Sunday :).

After the last dress shop, we had some time to kill before our dinner reservations so we stopped at the Hilton (my wedding venue!)  for drinks. I was able to see the ballroom set up for an event and it was gorgeous — makes me a lot happier with the decision.

And then, there was dinner… amazing doesn’t even describe how good this dinner was. We went to Serenade and I got the “Seafood Celebration” menu. It speaks for itself.

Each course was SO GOOD, but I think I liked the sea bass the most. I left the restaurant feeling very full and very happy.

SUNDAY: Sunday was another early wake up day. I got up at 6:30, got ready, and drove to Hoboken (my first time EVER alone!). I got there an hour before I had to, so I walked the streets of the town. It was such a lovely day — sunny and not cold at all. And look at the view!

Love!!! At 9:45, I met up with my fiance and went to my church. The plan was for my RCIA group to meet with our priest at 9:45 and then go through the Rite of Acceptance at the 10:30 mass. For those of you who don’t know, RCIA is a way for adults to enter into the Catholic faith. I was baptized Catholic, but never received Communion of Confirmation. I really want to have a full mass ceremony for the wedding, so I’m going through the process now. The Rite of Acceptance is a way to tell the church community that you are dedicated to joining the Catholic religion. The ceremony was great. Rodrigo was my sponsor and it felt so good to stand in front of the church and be recognized for going through the process. It finally makes it real.

After the ceremony, my plan was to go on a 12 mile long run (the last one before Vegas), but I wanted to spend more time with R. So…. I felt really bad…. but I skipped the run in favor of R time at Mikie Squared. I got yummy french toast (sound familiar?) and sangria. After eating, we walked to the park where he proposed and then down the water. We sat in Pier C park talking and people watching. I loved it :). Although we work together, we rarely get to hangout alone so it was exactly what I needed.

And a trip to Hoboken isn’t complete without some fro-yo!

Headed home, took a short nap (I was wiped!) and then went out to dinner for my aunt’s birthday. I had a great time with my grams, aunt, sister, and fiance.

Overall, fantastic (although very tiring) weekend.