I wish I was here posting that I rocked my midterm yesterday.

But I didn’t.

It was horrible. I’m trying not to think about it :(.

At least Columbia was all lit up and GORGEOUS when I left class:

Instant cheer up. Kind of.

Buuuut in a crazy twist of fate, I am completely over the crappiness of last night’s midterm because my fiance and I both got wonderful, exciting news at work today. I would never spill details on the blog, but great things are happening :).

On the schedule for this weekend:

TOMORROW — Dress shopping! Although I found 4 dresses I really like, I don’t think any of them are THE dress. So my stepmom, dad, and I are continuing the search tomorrow by going to 3 more stores. Full day.

SUNDAY — My first step in the RCIA process! I’m going through my Rite of Acceptance into the church. My fiance will be there as my sponsor so this is kiiiinda big. Very cool. After that, my LAST long run before Vegas. I’m hoping to get a 12 miler in. Then, 2-3 mile runs next week followed by 6-7 next Sunday and the half marathon on the 4th! After the run, cleaning up and going our to celebrate my aunt’s birthday.

I somehow have to fit in homework too. Ugh.

Other wedding related news: Just ordered the save the dates! They’re being sent out next week :).