Remember how I said I was jealous of all of the Hoboken runners? Well, not anymore!

Yesterday, my sister and I drove up to Hoboken to do a long run and get brunch. On the schedule for her: 6 miles, and for me: 10 miles. I planned on running my typical 5 mile loop twice:

This run is awesome because I get to see the streets of Hoboken in the first mile or so. Then, I run over the bridge into Weehawken, run a bit there, and then head back over the bridge and down the Hoboken waterfront. It always goes by so fast and the end of the run is gorgeous!

It was a sunny slightly warm day (for Nov) but it was SO windy! Started off running down Grand and then up Willow. I felt great and got into my loop. As I hit the top of Weehawken, I ran into my normal turn around point (a gravel path that looks like construction). The only difference is that this time, I saw a girl running OUT of the gravel area. She looked like she had been running for a while so I decided to explore. After running gravel for a little while, the path opened back up! I was greeted with a soccer field, a REAL running track, and a beautiful path along the water — runner heaven!! I wanted to keep running, but eventually turned around at mile 5.5, knowing that my run was supposed to be 10 miles. Headed back over the bridge into Hoboken and ended up doing 11 miles total in 1:40:22. I was pretty pleased because that puts me at a 9:07 average pace which is PERFECT if I want to beat 2 hours (9:09!). I wasn’t dead tired either so I KNOW that I can get my goal! Here are the splits:

The longer splits were going over the bridges and running on gravel (not fun).

Pretty awesome. Can’t wait until Vegas on Dec 4th!

After the run, I met up with Michelle, who had finished 6 miles, and our old roommate (slash HS friend slash bridesmaid :)) for Hoboken brunch! We went to my fave brunch place called Mikie Squared. They have the best french toast in the entire world. No lie.

[Picture taken from here where they ALSO raved about the french toast :)]

I had a great time catching up with Stefy, who I never get to see because of the craziness of work + school + RCIA + running, etc.

After brunch, we headed home to relax (we were both feeling a little sore). We watched a little trashy TV and then headed to our younger cousin’s house to babysit while her parents went on a dinner date. Our cousin is 11 years old but she already towers over Michelle (5’3″) and I (5’6″). I love hanging out with her and lately, she can’t stop talking about the wedding because she’s going to be my junior bridesmaid!

This is Sam with Michelle a few months ago.

We took Sammy out for pizza and then hung out watching 13 Going on 30. What a fun night!


Today was pretty exciting. I woke up ridiculously early (6:30), got ready, and headed to Newark to meet up with a potential wedding photographer to look at album samples. His work was gorgeous and we ended up booking him! Check out his work on his amazing blog. So relieved to have it done!

I hung out with my fiance for a little bit after that and at 2, my sister, R’s brother, and R’s sister-in-law came over to celebrate Rodrigo’s father’s 63rd birthday! His parents made an amazing seafood paella:

Before the rice and veggies were added

We even sang his dad happy birthday in English and Spanish. It was a great time hanging out with family (Michelle) and future family (everyone else :)). What a great weekend!


And, in super duper exciting awesome news, Michelle and I signed up for half marathon #4!!!! On Friday, in honor of 11/11/11, Rock n Roll marathons were $20 off. After browsing the list, we knew we had to run the DC one on 3/17! And Stef is going to run with us! I can’t wait.. this is the perfect thing to get me through the winter!

Time to get ready for the week. I will be staying at R’s house tomorrow and Tues night, so I have a lot of packing to do! Toodles!