Sooo… I’m really glad that I never experience chafing when I first started running because I TOTALLY would have given up. This sucks! I’ve been in awkward chafe pain all day. Officially threw away the horrible bra that did this to me.

Last night after work, I headed to Hoboken to see what their RCIA program is like. This requires a little bit of a back story.. before moving back home in September, I lived in Hoboken for around 2.5 years. The town is amazing, but way too expensive (which is why I left). Anyways, my fiance and I used to go to church there and really loved the young energy of the parish. When we got engaged, I decided that I wanted to get married in a Catholic church. Since I was only baptized and never received Communion or Confirmation when I was younger, I decided to pursue the RCIA program which is kind of like Sunday School for adults. I started the program in Hoboken by meeting with the coordinator and then switched over to attending classes in Colts Neck. The program here is small and I feel like I’m not getting a ton out of it, so I wanted to see what Hoboken was like.

The church:

The class started at 7:30 and I got to Hoboken at 6:30, so I had a bit of time to kill. I walked up and down the main street and then settled down on a bench with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River and NYC skyline.

[it looks REALLY far away in night pictures on a crappy phone, but it’s gorgeous in person]

It was a beautiful night and I couldn’t help but feel runner envy. The Hoboken waterfront was where I started running 2 years ago. It is the PERFECT place to run.. amazing views and a constantly changing scenery. The miles would FLY by and I loved every second of my short and long runs. Running in the suburbs is boring to say the least and I crave Hoboken runs.

I mean, look at this park! All lit up… you can run there at ANY time! I can’t get an outside run in at night now.

I contemplated running in work clothes  (I WAS wearing my Mizunos), but I figured I would look a little crazy :).

I finally pulled myself away from the stunning views and attended class… LOVED IT! There are so many people in their 20s going through the same process as me and it was so great to hear about their experiences. Thinking about switching programs, but we’ll see what happens. Class ended up running late and I didn’t get out until 9:15, which is terrifying when wake-up is at 4:30. My wonderful man picked me up from Boken and drove me to the train home. Collapsed into bed at 11:30 and woke up FIVE HOURS LATER! Death!

This morning, I zombie commuted to the gym and banged out a pyramid treadmill run:

0:00-1:00      4.0mph

1:00-6:00              6.2

6:00-10:00          6.4

10:00-13:00         6.6

13:00-15:00        6.8

15:00-17:00         7.0

17:00-19:00          6.8

19:00-22:00          6.6

22:00-26:00          6.4

26:00-29:00           6.2

29:00-31:00          7.5

I did 3.25 miles total (not including the min warmup) and felt ok. My foot is starting to hurt again, which scares me.

I was attacked by a scary red giant ant/spider thing this morning in the shower and I freaked! I was drying off and as I went to dry off my legs, this gross… THING fell from the towel onto my foot. I was able to fling it off with the towel and throw the towel out of my shower stall. Luckily, I always take 2 towels into the shower with me.. it totally skeeved me out and I refused to pick my towel up off the floor :-\. Sorry gym-mates!

Busy day.. so glad I didn’t have class due to Election Day :). Definitely heading to bed early.