Hola! Last week was epic… not because my big quarterly meeting at work went well. Not because I am 10 months away from being MARRIED (so excited!). But because I finally got to try 16 Handles!!!

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with frozen yogurt especially when it’s self-serve with an endless toppings bar :). My fiance even incorporated my favorite fro-yo place in his proposal! When I lived in Hoboken, I was a little spoiled.. there were 2 amazing places within blocks of my apartment. And I went to them… a lot…

Now, I live in Monmouth county and there’s not a single fro-yo place within a 30 mile radius (trust me, I checked.. and no, Rita’s does NOT qualify!). So I’ve been going through a bit of a withdrawal. But not anymore!

On Thursday, I was mildly dying from the worst cramps ever. I managed to make it through work (same day as my big quarterly!) and my first class at Columbia. But walking to the 2nd one, I realized that there was no way I was going to sit through another 1.5hr long class. I was miserable. So I turned in my homework and LEFT — a first in my Masters track! The fiance was still in his class so I had time to kill since he always picks me up from the train station. First thought? Fill those 30 free minutes with frozen yogurt!!

Thankfully, Google Maps let me know that A 16 Handles was on my subway line home! I’ve read about it so many times in blogs so I knew I had to go!

Um, can we say heaven???? I walked in and was greeted with 16 amazing flavors and a super impressive toppings bar. I grabbed a little bit of a few of my faves (pumpkin, mint, red velvet, cookies & cream, and peanut butter). Don’t worry, no mixing was involved. Add some cookie dough, peanut butter, pb cups, and mini reeses pieces (notice a theme) and we had a masterpiece!

Best. Thing. Ever.

I will definitely be going back… often! Hope the fiance can get used to me catching a later train ;-).