One of the worst parts of getting my masters while working full-time is finding time to study for midterms… You know, the ones that count for 40% of your grade. I usually just take the day of the midterm off so I can sleep in a little, make my way to Columbia’s library, and cram! Thursday was one of those days. Financial Statistics.

I woke up at 7 (thats sleeping in for me!), slowly got ready, and took the hike to Columbia. 1 train, 2 subways, and a lot of walking later, I set up camp in the library.


The essentials.. Good music, a coffee the size if my head (venti skinny vanilla latte that ended up making me sick after 3 sips 😦 .. waste of $6!), 4 bottles if aqua, an apple the size if my head :), pb&j, notes, and the laptop. The day flew by and before I knew it, it was 6 and time to kick some midterm butt! I think I did pretty well but only time will tell! Next midterm is 3 short weeks away. It never ends!