Starting yesterday, I am getting back on track with my fitness.  Ever since my month of sickness followed by the Tough Mudder, I have been putting off exercise.  The hills of TM aggrivated my knee so I decided to stay away from running for a while and I was too lazy when it came to waking up for cross training at the gym (who wants to wake up at 4:30 to hop on an eliptical… NOT ME!!).

After two weeks of rest, I finally got back in the swing of things last week with a trip to the gym on Monday and a quick 1.8 mile run on Tuesday.  I got new shoes since Big Mudder ate my old ones (tear) so I used Tuesdays run to see how they feel.  When I tried them on at JackRabbit Sports they felt like clouds under my feet, can’t say the same when I wore them on my run.  But I hope that it is just because they are so different from my old New Balance Cross Trainers.  Say hello to my new kicks, Asic Cumulus 12!

With the Boston Run to Remember 5 mile run and my Half Marathon in September I am quickly growing excited for the training ahead.  Making a training plan with pretty colors in google docs will do that to a girl!



This morning I had my usual (at least for the past 3 weeks), some Plain Chobani with some honey mixed in.  Eaten out of a coffee cup.  I will spare you the picture.  I also had a ton of Dried Cherries (I am seriously addicted) and some iced coffee out of my new tumbler, its purple and awesome!  Tina from Carrots n’ Cake inspired me to make my own iced coffee at home.  I am a self proclaimed Dunkin Donuts addict and saving the $3 each morning will add up!

The Hundred Push Up challange is something I intended to do during my Tough Mudder training, but it somehow got pushed aside.  Since this morning was my cross training day, I finally decided to give it a try (Danielle is too).   Hope you will join us!

Question– How many push ups can you do in a row?