Workout: 10 mile dread-mill run.


That’s right, I tackled the double digits on a TREADMILL tonight. I’m pretty sure the most I’ve ever done before today was 6 miles, so I was pretty stoked. I think running outside (with hills.. and rain.. etc) is WAY easier than running for over an hour on the treadmill so I owe tonight’s success to:

1) The upcoming St Patty’s 10 miler (March 20) and TOUGH MUDDER (April 10)!!


2) NYSC’s awesome music channel that plays super old music videos — love!!!

Today’s faves were Ashlee Simpson, J-Lo, and Jesse McCartney 🙂

Ummm guilty pleasure alert! Please tell me one of you remembers Dream Street (other than Michelle and I).


3) The Biggest Loser. So inspirational. Every time I watch the show, I get chills because I know how hard it is to totally transform your life and become healthy. I’ll eventually get around to my before and after post (I promise!), but I drastically changed my lifestyle when I moved out of my parents’ house 2 years ago and I ended up losing 30 pounds in the process :). Watching the show reminds me that I’ve chosen the correct path.

Totes wish I had Bob and Jillian to push me during my 6am workouts!



For some reason, I felt like I could run forever and I would be CRAZY to mess with that. Ran 8:30’s for the first 6, 9’s for the other 4 with some hills mixed in. Aaaand the knee managed to hold up until the last .5 miles! Total runner’s high!


Off to ice the knee to avoid being sore tomorrow. I took tomorrow and Thursday off of work to study for my midterm (Thurs at 6) so I’m sure I’ll have at LEAST one procrastination post this week :-p. Happy Tuesday!