Today was jam-packed between running around to get car estimates for my mirror repare and work.  I woke up around 7:20 after pressing snooze on my alarm at least five times, I really have to get this behavior under control.  I ran to the fist repair shop so I would be able to log on at a normal hour.  I worked away for the first part of the day and then ran over to Honda during lunch.  It looks repairs will set me back $250, $100 cheaper than the first estimate, but expensive nonetheless (I could get both of my wish list items with this amount of dough).

I still consider today pretty fabulous because I was able to chill with this gal at my feet all day long.

Clearly, I am not petting her enough.

I also went on a quick two mile run around the hood and I could tell I have improved because the loop was much easier than when I had started my half training runs last summer.  The run reminded me how much I love running in Hoboken.  My parents live in the middle of nowhere, I pass by two horse pens and a practice racing track during this run.  If I want to go on a longer run on the main highway I pass at least four more horse farms… hence the name Colts Neck (actually the town is in the shape of a colt’s neck and the name has nothing to do with population of horses), they also live in a wind tunnel which was fierce tonight! 

Running at home is sometimes quite scary.  Ya see, living in the country also means that we have to deal with wild turkey.  Not just one or two, but like 15 at a time.  Tonight was no exception.  When I was going to Fairfield, they were known to chase people, in fact one morning I woke up to the gobbling commotion as they were chasing one of the grounds keepers who was innocently trying to empty the trash can.  For this reason, I fear them!!   They aren’t even afraid of cars people!  So whenever I run by them, my speed increases and I stay as close to the opposite curb as possible.

Here is an example of what you can expect in my hood (they are in my backyard!!)

This is in our front yard, they were stealing the squirrel food (Yes… my dad has a squirrel feeder).

Ok, enough about the creepy Turkey (I have plenty more pictures I could share…) the point is, 1. They scare me and 2. They help me fun faster… even when fighting with the wind.

Yesterday I said I would post more about Bailey’s birthday.  Instead of a fancy birthday cake…

Bailey got a Double Quarter Pounder, not as yummy as butter cream, but she was happy!

After.. ok maybe before… she housed the burger, I gave her a stuffed pig that she thoroughly enjoyed.  She also got a card and stuffed monkey from the rehab center she goes to.  She has bad hips, so she goes to work out there three days a week.  They treat her like a princess, in fact, the picture I posted yesterday is a picture the rehab technician sent to my Step Mom.  Bailey also appears on their website, shes famous!

Bailey brings a lot of joy into our lives, so it was fun being able to give some extra love 🙂

By the way… these photos are from my parents computer… in a folder titled Princess Bailey.