After this mornings’ post, my day only got better and much like the weather, my Eeyore rain cloud/attitude  lifted.

With some nice greens

paired with a new (to me) TJs dressing, Fat Free Balsamic.

Please note my super awesome purple lunch box in the background.  It fits so much, plus its insulated so it keeps it cool.

A little later on I couldn’t help but pry into this container of awesomeness.

It’s half TJs Peanut Butter cream cheese (aka crack) and some natural PB. 


My drive home was very difficult without my Driver Side View Mirror.  My entire commute is on major highways and I felt very insecure when changing lanes and merging.  Also, as if parallel parking isn’t hard enough, I found it nearly impossible without that mirror.  I’m heading home tomorrow night so I can *hopefully* get it fixed during my work from home day. 

I thought about going on a run tonight, but I have some lingering soreness from the run on the beach yesterday and decided to eat dinner when I got home instead. 

Now it’s time for The Bachelor… I personally think all the girls are a little off this season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Emily, but I am not sure if she is ready to open up.  I think Ashley and Brad have an insane amount of chemistry, but I hate how they always have to reassure each other how they feel.  Chantal  just straight up bothers me…. she didn’t used to… but now I am not a fan, way to emotionally unstable.