I hope you enjoyed the post from Danielle…. I am happy she was finally able to pry herself away from everything to introduce herself.

Today was a very eventful day and it all started at 8:30 this morning, holla to getting 8 hours of sleep.  Today was the 4 mile Long Branch Beach Run so we headed to Pier Village to meet up with our Grandma and Aunt for some yummy breakfast at Turning Point, I am seriously obsessed with this place.  But first a stop at Dunkin for some much needed caffeine and H2O!

Refreshing!  After finishing up our breakfast we headed over to the Shoe Factory (new store in pier village) to pick up our race bibs and Tech Tees.  I love ‘free’ shirts…. especially when they’re cute.

The store had the Nike Sportband I’ve been looking at, I really want the Garmin, but I can’t justify spending $117 on it 😦 .  My feelings are mixed on the Sportband so I didn’t end up buying it just yet.  We left the store and parted ways with Grandma and Aunt Jeanne…. and took some pictures.

The lovebirds.

I was freezing… so Rodrigo happily lent me his sweatshirt. Even with my fleece and the added warmth of the hoodie, I was still freezing!  We sought out shelter at a little coffee shop for the hour and half before the race.  At around 1:45 Danielle and I headed over to the starting point…. and noticed it was actually on the beach!! Say wahhhhhh.  I guess they actually meant running on the sand when they called it a 4 mile Beach run, I just assumed it would be on the board walk.  You know what happens when you ass-u-me!  I freaked out for a little and then we were on our way.  It was so challenging, but didn’t seem to faze the 1st place finisher with a time of 28 minutes!  I think I finished around 56 minutes, which was snail pace, but I was just happy to cross with only a few short short walk breaks and no injuries.

Yay for pink and yay for finishing.

I hope everyone else enjoyed this beautiful day as much as I did!  Time to relax… I swear this was almost harder than my half marathon.  Danielle agreed.