Hi Readers!!  I hope everyone was able to enjoy a long weekend, having Monday off is one of my favorite things.  A great way to start the work week, especially if the Friday before the weekend was stressful.  Last night  tried something new from Trader Joe’s Freezer section.  Shitake Mushroom & Tofu!  It was pretty good, very spicy. 


On to a topic that I haven’t discussed in length, my running history.  Growing up, I was incredibly active, I played on two soccer teams and at least three basketball teams all four years of high school.  However, I was never much of a runner. Put a ball in front of me, sure I’ll chase it… ask me to run a mile straight… no way!!  I never actually considered running until my sister started post college graduation.  She really wanted to run a half marathon and tried for weeks to persuade me to run with her, I consistently answered NO WAY (13.1 miles, crazy talk)!  It wasn’t until she proposed we run for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network that I finally caved in.  I signed up for 13.1 miles the next day, barely able to run 1 without stopping.


Training was rough!  I was annoyed and frustrated that I couldn’t run long distances without stopping, although I now know that taking a walk break is perfectly ok.   On top of that, the mental hurdle of my first race ever being a half marathon added extra pressure.  I followed the plan loosely and seldomly ran the long distance scheduled for each week.  With one and a half months to go, I knew I needed to step it up.  I made sure to run my long runs on Saturdays or after logging off on my work from home days.  I felt great, my body felt great… until my knees started bothering me about two weeks before the big day!


Half Marathon week rolled around and so did my big move to Hoboken.  Two days before the race, I was helping my sister trek her stuff to our new apartment, painting my room and getting very little sleep.  Poor life decision.  The race itself was beautiful, I loved the course through the Hamptons and how small the race group was.  I made it through 1 mile before I had to use the bathroom… figures since I have the bladder of a three year old.  It took until mile six for my knees to start bothering me and it took 3 hours for me to cross the line.  I was pretty disappointed in the time, but also very happy that I was able to sprint across the line… my only goal. 


In the course of three days I….

1. Helped move my sister into our apt.

2. Packed up my room at my parents house

3. Painted my room

4. Got my bed delivered

5. Drove to the Hamptons in traffic (VERY CHALLENGING)

6. Ran a Half Marathon

7. Put together an Ikea Dresser, by myself

8. Decided to take an indefinite break from the gym (Body in shock… most likely)

Probably not the best way to prep for a challenging race.  I didn’t return to exercise until January, apparently my body needed a ton of time to recover!  I am happy to be back, attempting to build my endurance slowly to insure I am able to run in entirety my next half marathon.  I have a while since all the races in my area conflict with pre-existing plans… but in the meantime I have my tough mudder to think about.  Probably the biggest challenge I will ever face.  Physically, I should be ready… it is my mentality that will be the biggest challenge.  Hopefully I will able to push past my fears and past my comfort level.


Other races I have planned:

Long Branch 4 Mile Beach Run: February 27th

Freehold St Paddy’s 10 Mile Run: March 20th

Tough Mudder: April 10th

Boston 5 Mile Run to Remember: May 29th

Providence Rock N Roll Half (tentative): August 7th

Hampton’s Half Marathon: September 24th