Today I got to run in shorts!!  It was only a two- miler and the weather was stunning!  Unfortunately, I felt extremely sluggish… guess you can’t win it all.  I personally believe this weather makes up for absolutely everything, especially less than stellar runs and stressful work days.  Consider me a happy happy girl!

ohh yeah… happy (im on the right!)

So for the abridged version of my non blogging week!

Last night I went to a devils game, my first!  My twinnyyyy took me as a twin date… I indulged in some very yummy fries and maybe so spin dip with red chips (rock your red).  I also found this on my seat.

The prize was reduced season tickets for under $1000… I tried really hard not to laugh in the guys face.  But I do like being told I’m a winner 🙂

Tuesday I went on a 3 mile run at night which was very refreshing… especially with this view.

It is clearly a bad picture, but purple is my favorite color so this made me very happy.  Any guesses what it was for?

And on Monday I bought myself this doughnut solely because it was in the shape of a heart.  I’m a sucker.

 Boston Cream used to be my favorite, but I didn’t really enjoy it.  I guess tastes change.

Tomorrow is Friday, my favorite day!  I have some fun things planned for the weekend including a trip to my Mom’s in CT and a Twin Date.  Do you have anything fun planned?!