Workout: 6 miles in 58 minutes

After three days without a workout, I was crawling in my skin to get movin.  Lucky for me, today was a beauty!  After careful assessment of the ice situation on the sidewalks I threw on my under armor cold gear and fleece headband hoping to finish out at least 3 miles.  I also brought my phone with me so I could track my mileage with cardio trainer and listen to beats off my Pandora application.  Clearly my GPS was a fail since it told me I had only run a 1/2 mile in 30 minutes and my average speed was around 2.  But I was more than happy to grove to my music, this was the first long run I have ever done while listening to music and I loved every minute.  It is also the longest run I have done since my Half Marathon in October, I am so greatful I was able to go so far without any leg pain, it was so unexpected.

It didn’t hurt that I had an amazing view for the majority of the run, which I did near the waterfront of Hoboken. I can’t wait till Spring comes and I can consistently run outside, the waterfront is even prettier at night when the NYC skyline is all lit up!

I hope you all had a Saturday as satisfying as mine!  I’m off to make a burrito and get ready for a night out in the city!