Last night I found myself back in my home town to for the sole purpose of using this bad boy before it expired. 


Funk & Standard is a super cute clothing store that I have always been a fan of, so I literally jumped for joy when Groupon offered this last summer.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find many things I liked and settled on a shirt and shirt dress that are perfectly cute! But I’m not in love.  I miss shopping for clothes!!

Anyway on to my favorite day of the week, Friday!  Ever since I can remember, I have always declared Friday as my favorite, even when all the other little kids said Saturday or Sunday since there was no school.  I love Fridays because I wake up happy that it is the last day of the work week, I am always more productive when I know things have to be wrapped up before the close of the week and when I log off I know I have two free days to look forward to! 

Plus I get to wear skinny jeanzzz, yay casual Friday!!

 Mis-matched socks are also ok… at least in my book.


 Poka dots and snowmen.

Its also ok to steal blueberries from the parents fridge, free fruit is ok by me!


Which goes great on a vanillia chobani

And then there is the most amazing salad ever… a little hint

The goods!

What a great day from start to finish!

Now I am going to take off my miss-matched socks and catch up with my DVR… Happy Friday!!