I’m back… although I am sure no one missed me (does anyone even read this?).  I gave myself the weekend off of the computer, after long work weeks in front of the screen I find it rather relaxing to take a break and interact with my TV family instead.  Due to the amount of snow we got Thursday and the resulting 45 minutes of digging out my car, I decided to pay a visit to my parent’s house and leave the parking (or lack of parking) to the other commuters.  You will find that often times I allow parking to control my life, I am ok with that. 


Therefore my weekend was filled with golden hugs from this mush (she loves me even if she won’t give out kisses) and time spent with family.

She likes her Sunday morning bagels almost as much as I do!

I went to IHOP for the first time ever and decided (there wasn’t much debate) to get the Nutella and Banana Crapes.  They were as amazing as they sound!


I also went to a movie with Ann and Pops.  I really wanted to see the King’s Speech but they had already seen so we settled on the Social Network.  I thought it was very good and what I find most amazing is that the Winklevoss twins were played by one actor


and Mark Zukerberg is the brother of the little girl from Paulie and the Pepsi commercials.  She also went to my summer camp and inadvertently sprayed me with a water bottle… she was only six so I guess I forgive her. 

Even better, I got 4 free movie passes and got to see Social Network for free (thanks Pops!).  They were having trouble with the film so when we left they gave everyone free passes, I know this process all too well from my years working at AMC, it was nice to be on the receiving end :).

I went home early Sunday morning in hopes of catching the Body Pump class at my roommate’s gym, but we didn’t get out of the house in time.  I went with her anyway to sign up for a seven-day free pass to Sky Club in Hoboken and was shocked at the size, so small!!!  I am so used to Work Out World’s large selection of equipment (and price) so I don’t think I will ever make the switch so long as there is one conveniently located to my house/work.   We ended up working out for about an hour and I felt like a sleaze the whole time.  Since I have no intention of switching gyms, it felt so wrong.  I am sure I will get over this in time for Thursday’s Zumba class ;).

I ran a quick two miles yesterday and will continue to follow my training after today (I took the day off)!  68 days until Tough Mudder.

I am currently reacquainting myself to Pandora… here’s hoping I don’t reach my hour limit before the middle of the month like I did in January.


PS- Broken is one of my favorite songs on the Hanna Montana Soundtrack (yes I own the soundtrack)… in fact I didn’t even know Rascal Flats until I saw the movie (three times… I worked at a movie theatre and took my cousin.. and throughly enjoyed it, don’t judge).  Might as well dress me in floral prints and call me a 12 year old.

Is anyone else looking forward to Spring?!

Not looking forward to Ice… it is much worse than snow, especially for a commuter!