I’m going to keep this quick sense I feel a little under the weather.

Today I woke up and felt like I was in a snow globe, meaning only one thing.  SNOW DAY!  Well at least my office’s version of a snow day (work from home) which means day two of Wacky Wednesday.

I had a major craving for some chocolate today and ended up finishing some extra dough from oreo balls out of the freezer… seriously yummy!   And I just finished off the head  my entire Jacques Torres  snowman—if you haven’t tried his chocolate you just must next time you are in the city.

 Tonight I tried Emily’s Perfect Tofu recipe paired with some steamed broccoli and rice.  It was just what I needed…. Can’t wait for the leftovers.  If you haven’t checked out Emily’s blog hop on over to  Daily Garnish—she is one of my favorites.

After dinner I ventured outside to dig out my car and it was comical.  I was climbing into snow banks up to my mid-thigh (I tried to take a picture but my phone died).  I spent about 45 minutes out there so hopefully I will be able to get out of my spot tomorrow morning.

 Ok I’m off to read my Shape Magazine and hit the sack early.