My alarm and I got in a fight this morning… and it eventually won.  This is certainly not the first time I have pressed the snooze button multiple times and it will NOT be the last.  I know deep down that pressing snooze doesn’t make sense because the sleep in-between alarms is not sound, but it always feels so darn good!  I almost gave in to my desire to skip the gym all together, but I thought about the time I spent the night before putting my gym bag together and that finally got me up and in motion.  The feeling of wanting to delay the alarm 90 minutes is always appealing but I know that once I am out the door all will be ok.

 This morning’s workout felt great, my legs weren’t sluggish like they were yesterday and I finally decided to increase the speed past 6.0.  This speed isn’t fast for some people but the thought of it has always freaked me out (I like to take it nice and slow).  I cranked out a great 2.5 mile run at 6.4 and it made me realize that going a little faster is much more comfortable for my gait.

 Off to get some work done… thank goodness for coffee (I run on dunkin’).