Yesterday started off very well!  I woke up early to hit the gym in my parents town hoping to pound out a decent 3.5 mile run to make up for what my training plan called for before the snow fall on Friday kept me from venturing out.  Unfortunately, my knee and ankle were bothering me so I settled for a leisurely 30 minute elliptical workout while watching Sex and the City.

After my workout I rushed home and was welcomed by this cutie…


She is the baby of the family and is treated like the princess she is.  Danielle arrived at my parents house and then we headed to a local restaurant with our Grandma and Aunt.  I love spending time with my Grandma and sometimes miss the days when I was looking for a post-grad job and was able to have lunch with her once a week.  Now I settle for a few times a month.

My day turned from great to horrible within hours—at the start of the Jets game.  So sad they couldn’t pull out the win in the second half, but I am glad they were able to put up a fight.  Can’t wait till next season!

This morning started early with a 4:45 wake up and I was able to make it to the gym for a quick 1.5 mile run.  I was way too lethargic since I normally have time to drink coffee and wake up during my work commute, which make the run rather difficult.  I was so happy when it was finally over.  I can’t wait until the warm weather returns so I am able to get back the time wasted by the gym commute and put it towards more snooze time.

My co-workers car temperature meter said 0 degrees this morning… is it Spring yet?