It’s really amazing how a few days can change your life forever.

On Thursday afternoon, I found out that…



I had interviewed for 2 very awesome jobs at my company and I was lucky enough to get one of the spots. I could not be happier. It was the perfect start to my 3 day weekend :).

My DC weekend with my sister and friend, Stef, was so much fun! Even though there was a lot of driving, sleeping, and sore muscles, I had an absolute blast!

The Rock n Roll USA 1/2 Marathon way exceeded my expectations. After the mess that was Vegas, I was feeling a little skeptical about RnR events. But I had already signed up for the DC half on 11-11-11 during their discount. This race was SO much better! The corral line up and release was perfect. I only felt “crowded” during the first mile or so, but it really cleared up after that. The course was WAY hillier than I expected (I never trained on hills!), but I got a VERY unexpected PR or 1:52:11!!!! I was so happy that I shaved over 5 minutes from my Vegas time on a really hard course.

I will do a more official recap of the race and weekend, but I’m le tired so off to bed!



Hi everyone! Do you even remember this blog?

I know it has been a loooong time, but I wanted to swing by the blog to mention our upcoming half marathon!

On Saturday, Michelle, our friend Stef [her first half!], and I will be running the Rock n Roll USA Half in DC.

This is my first race since Vegas [remember that sub 2hr half? :)] and I’m ridiculously excited! Although I have no REAL time goals this time around, I really hope I can beat 2 hrs again. My boss even said he would take me out to a nice lunch if I run another sub-2 :).  If not, no big deal. I just want to have a fun 3 day weekend with my girls. I can hardly remember the last time I was in DC for fun, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the city again. It doesn’t hurt that the weather is going to be awesome

Still can’t get used to 70+ degree weather, but I’m not complaining!

Other exciting things going on:

– My fiance and I put an offer down on a condo! The offer was accepted and the place passed inspection. We’re just waiting for the mortgage paperwork to get filed and then it’s ours! If we’re lucky, I can move in within the next few weeks. He’ll be waiting until after the wedding to join me.

– Still waiting for news on the 2 jobs I interviewed for a week or two ago. The people in charge have been meeting to discuss the candidates so I hope to know soon. The waiting is horrible, especially when I work closely with the people making the decision.

– RCIA is coming to an end. On the Saturday before Easter, I will be fully initiated into the Catholic faith! Can’t wait.

– I’ve decided that I love taxes and I love school. Thank you US government for giving me (AND my fiance) some extra moolah for going to school. We needed it. You rock.

– I have a Pinterest account. Follow me 🙂

Will try to update after the race. Have a great weekend!


So I don’t have much time to post.. getting ready to head to Hoboken for church/RCIA buuuuut

Just look at these splits :). From my 9 miler this morning (outside running finally!). FYI, my 5k PR is at this avg pace…. cah-razy!

Happy Super Bowl-ing everyone!


Hey everyone. So school started back up on Tuesday at Columbia and I’m also taking a class at work on Thursdays. Between homework for both classes, work, and running, I am non-existent! Oh well..

Today’s run felt a lot like last weekend’s long run. Both runs were supposed to be 7 miles long. Both had to be run on a treadmill (last weekend because it was fuh-reezing and this weekend because there was ice on the ground). Both were run in my gym’s cardio theater where they were playing Usher’s OMG Tour lol. And the times for both were the same — 61:37 last week and 61:30 today. At least I’m consistent!

And now… time for some FOOTBALL!!!! …and homework 😦 … Totally cheering on the Giants even though I’m a Jets fan. It’s always fun to see a local team in the Super Bowl!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Hey there, D here!

Soooo.. life is too boring right now to blog about. My life is basically wake up at 4:30, commute to work, run, work 12 hours (!), eat, sleep. No time for much else. But, Rodrigo and I picked our wedding invitations last weekend!

The process was pretty overwhelming. They just hand you TONS of huge books to flip through until you find something you like. I really liked purple pocket invitations but they had to be put together by hand (veto from my step mom), so we ended up going with something more simple. Still like them… hope they turn out ok!

Really glad we’re making progress with wedding stuff. Michelle and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow! Woohoo!

And, that’s about it. Today, I applied to 2 junior trader positions — yikes! Class starts on Tuesday, so don’t count on my life getting any more exciting :(.

Workouts for the past week:

Sunday – 6 miles in Hoboken

Monday – 3.4 treadmill

Tuesday – 3.4 treadmill

Wednesday – 3.4 treadmill

Thursday – 1.2 treadmill

Friday – 3.5 treadmill

Even though they’re all the same general distance, every run is different. Monday was a typical pyramid but every other day, I played around with speed. Fun fun!

Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday weekend. Muah!

Hi everyone, can you believe it’s 2012?! I can’t believe it came so fast.

My weekend was pretty awesome. After a slow week at work, Friday was the best. All of the traders left REALLY early, so I decided to hit the gym around 1 since I slept in and skipped that morning :-P. The gym was packed with coworkers (I will never get used to sweating in front of them haha), but I was able to nab MY treadmill. I felt kind of horrible since it’s THAT time of the month, but I knew Rodrigo was working late so I had some time to kill! 6.55 in 59 minutes. Not horrible. Not great. Meh.

Showered and then kept my future hubby company until he was ready to leave.

It was GREAT having another relaxing weekend with him :). We were lazy bums Fri night AND yesterday. But we finally dragged our butts out of bed to celebrate a really exciting new year (we’re getting hitched in 2012!!!).

We headed to a restaurant in Newark with a few of his friends (and their friends) for yummy food and open bar. Perfect way to ring in the new year. It was insane watching Times Square and thinking that we were there just last year!


[Please ignore my raccoon eyes.. keep in mind this was taken after standing/freezing for TEN hours!]

It was much better staying warm indoors :).

We came home around 3 and passed out. Very fun night though.

Aaand I got to try out my Garmin this morning!!!!

The weather was perfect so I laced up and hit the road. The first mile felt good and the 2nd mile was better. I was impressed with my split (I love that the watch beeps and shows your split every mile!), so I decided to push a little harder on the last mile to beat my 5k PR of 25:41. Done and done! It felt awesome. I think I can get addicted used to this Garmin thing!

I hope you all had a fabulous time ringing in the new year. I am VERY pumped for 2012 because 8 months from today, I get to marry this hottie:

Can’t wait!

Which reminds me, one of my friends got engaged yesterday! What a great way to ring in a new year! So happy for Kelsey and Ryan :).


Hi everyone!

I have a new “PR” to tell you about!

On Christmas Eve, I woke up to go to the gym to pound out 5 miles. Buut, I felt great after 5 so I kept going to complete a virtual 10k. I’ve never done a 10k before, so I guess you could consider my time a PR :). Finished the run in 53:58 — not horrible! I seriously miss running outside.. the treadmill isn’t cutting it (even WITH the cardio theater in my gym).

Christmas came and went — it was a great weekend. I loved spending the holiday with my family and especially my twin and fiance :). School has been insane so this was the first weekend I had solid quality time with them.

For Xmas, I got a lot of stuff on my registry including knives, bakeware, China, etc. All fun!

Aaaand I got a ton of running stuff! Including my new friend….

A Garmin 210!

I’ve wanted a GPS watch forever, but held off on buying one because of the price. SO EXCITED!!!

Unfortunately, it’s too cold/pitch black during all possible running hours for me, so I’ll have to wait until Sunday to try it out. Love love love!

Now, off to clean my room and find something to wear for NYE.

Hope you had a great holiday!!